What is the betting. How it works


The very definition of “betting” was a word in the English language – ” Bet “- which translates as” bid “. This word reveals the essence of the phenomenon. Financial betting is a kind of currency exchange, which exists only in the network of the place bets on the increase or decrease of the exchange rate for a certain period of time, is the Internet.

 The concept of “Betting” is most common in Europe, but in Russia it knows about a very small number of people. Only units are not just aware of it, but also know how to use it to earn large sums of money. In Russia, the development of the Internet began in Europe a little later, and the attitude was first put it mildly, biased, so that the products on the Internet, was not popular in Russia. Such products are electronic money and actually, betting.

 FrontStocks Ltd -exchange platform which opened in 2009, and therefore the number of people who know about it at the moment of existence, it was incredibly small. Active development of this type of exchange in Russia began in 2011, but today the betting and do not know everything. It is similar to forex that it is the same virtual currency exchange, but the difference between them is that the forex done buying and selling currencies and stocks, and does not require betting such high costs. Requires only predict changes in exchange rates and make a bet by buying the relevant contract. Betting allows you to win regardless of whether the exchange rate falls increases, the main task is foreseeing this movement and to consolidate their guesses rate.

 Minimum rates – ranging from $ 5 is one of the main advantages of betting. The essence of betting in the implementation of bets on future changes in exchange rates – something like a tote on fights, horse races and other similar events. Most have a serious attitude to betting, considering it another “divorce”, or entertainment of those who have nothing to do. Both of these approaches is completely wrong, in fact betting is a great tool that allows you to earn a lot of money, the main thing to know at what to do with it.

Quite logical question: how is it that operates betting, unless you want to buy or sell anything? You can also try to consider a specific example. Suppose there is an assumption that the euro will rise tomorrow against the dollar. You can bet on it, and if the forecast is justified, then the payoff will be a certain amount, depending on the size of the previously zdelana rate of the contract, which was signed earlier, and other factors. In betting there are many varieties of bets, triggered when reaching or not reaching a certain mark exchange rate, with rise or fall rate is increased or decreased by a percentage rate. Understand this system is quite simple, even a novice.Significant advantage is the presence of opportunities to test their strength, and it does not spend with their funds. Those who want a deeper understanding of the art of betting have the opportunity to register on the site, and then open the e-mail account, which subsequently enters a certain number of virtual money. Therefore, you can try to bid, and subsequently test all possibilities offered by the site and if successful in this field, have preferred to play on a totally real electronic means.

Rates and predictions can be made ​​as to a longer time, for example, more than a week, and the hours and even minutes. The situation on the currency market changes every hour, sometimes change the course quite low, sometimes up to several points. Therefore betting thus allows multiple operations in one day, and their success depends mainly intuition. Another of the advantages of betting is that the risks are pretty minimal. When you play the forex you can lose quite a large amount – deposit and bet on failure prediction and betting lost only bid. Imaginary betting simplicity does not mean that it gives the minimum profit. Many international banks have evaluated all the available betting dignity.

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