Where are the binary options trading strategies?


Where are the binary options trading strategies? Here you go. You probably already no stranger once appeared the issue or the topic you are interested in. In this article, we will try to give a detailed answer to this question.

You probably already a little disappointed in many binary options trading strategies, which are covered with dust on the shelves of countless Internet and raised the question, “Who makes them?”, “How to collect?”, “How to correlate parameters?”, Etc.

Any strategy binary options trading has one goal – to get a signal at the entrance to the deal.It seems that everything is fine and we are trusting in the strategy, we take it and wait … But something here or just go wrong, as shown by the creator in the full screenshot, or 50 50, or a full out and generally “I did not understand.” What is wrong and what we are doing wrong?

To start with, we give a classification of strategies to binary options trading:

  1. Strategy binary options trading based on fundamental analysis (economic news, hearing assessment, statistics companies, etc.) (see more in future articles);
  2. Trading strategies based on technical analysis. This includes almost all the diverse world of technical analysis used by traders (in more detail in future articles);
  3. Binary options trading strategies based on the indicators. This is the most well-known and familiar to us kind of strategies, the essence of which is to assess the automated system (indicator) mathematical (statistical) indicators of price movements or volumes.

That third option binary options trading strategies, we now consider.

Math trading indicator – an automated system for the trading platform (eg Metatrader 4), designed for the analysis of the current market situation and (or) its previous situation to give an opinion (forecast) on the future price movement.

At this time, in the era of absolute information society in the public domain we find tens of thousands of such indicators, almost every second person has promised us gold mountain or gorochku.

So a third kind of trading systems which are widely available on the Internet are a combination of several indicators (usually the primary and confirmation). Why are they just called trading systems?

Method for creating strategies like this:

  1. The trader is faced with indicator and puts him into the terminal;
  2. Trader sees that on a historical chart, he picks the desired trends and gives good signals;
  3. Trader tests it is already in the current market (in which case he would rather posedeet than objective statistics displays), or on all kinds of simulators, simulating a live market for historical kotoriovkah;
  4. Next, the trader makes sure that the indicator is worth his attention, but … we also want Grail J We just vital to have a% of transactions in the money above 90. trader starts to compare the performance of this indicator since it is already known indicators. As a rule, they belong to the so-called classic indicators, such StochasticOscillator, AMX, BollingerBands etc .;
  5. Then the trader realized that in some cases, an auxiliary lamp helps us. Binary options trading strategy invented! Haggle it for a while, a trader shared it with you on any forum.

Hurrah Hurrah! We found the binary options trading strategy and are ready to rush into battle for denzhischami that well, that can not not get into our wallets patched. Day two, psycho-drain ūüôā Something is wrong again. What have we done wrong?

Any trading strategy binary options, you have found requires the most serious approach.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate:

  1. Source of the information (if it is a shopping site that offers 80, 90, 99% profitable trades – by).You can pay attention to the discussion of forum, screenshots of actual transactions, while checking their validity on the chart of the asset. It is very useful to watch the video review of strategies, particularly with the examples of real trades;
  2. Set binary options trading strategy, and test the results on the simulator strategies;
  3. Just make sure it is working properly, it is necessary to carry out statistical research and choose the required time expiration. In practice, the optimal time to expiration on binary options (not taking into account turbooptsiony) is three candles (for example, if you trade on a five minute timeframe, the three candles will be equivalent to 15 minutes);
  4. If you get through the early stages of testing of binary options trading strategy, it is time to move to a real market with real transactions. It is the most difficult stage from the point of view of psychology, however, your confidence benefited statistics performance binary options trading strategies.

Many may start to cry, that the indicator “far to go away,” but here it is necessary to go back to the very essence of binary options. Our task is not to pull out of 100 points, our task is to pull only 1 point in that direction, for which we have set. Indicator strategies can help us in this. Our task to fulfill the information received, to keep statistics.

And if you’ve read this article up to this point, you are on the right track, because below are some tips that will improve the work of almost any robust trading ideas.

  • Always before the auction, identify support and resistance levels for the asset in order to understand where to expect from the price stops or sudden breakdown that might just break the performance of your trading system.
  • Select the time zone when the news that may affect the movement of the asset.

This seeming least action can reduce% losing trades. This method of preparation is common to the trade. Received they will blunder.

In conclusion, Hoti wish all treydaram-binarschikam success.

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