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Strategy Options Trading – strangle


There is a very wide variety of strategies to work with binary options. This diversity allows almost all investors build a combination that will provide him it was his realization of specific goals. At the same time offered and complex combinations and

Strategy Options Trading – Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands

The best strategy with the help of which you can make binary options trading is considered such a strategy, as – Bollinger Bands. It is through this strategy is possible to determine the explicit prerequisites for making the sale or to

Strategy Options Trading – Catch the trend

Catch the trend

Popular strategy with the help of which you can trade binary options strategy is called, Catch trend. This strategy is used as an extra.When the trend will only commence strategy is that at this point (at the time) need to purchase

Strategy binary options trading – Two Stochastic

Two Stochastic

For analysis, many traders use as an invited Stochastic Oscillator. In most cases, it is simply called the Stochastic. Stochastic applied, usually together with other indicators. Application of Stochastic together with other indicators due to the fact that the stochastic oscillator itself with