Basics trade – Trendlines

Essentially e t a little ways to determine the resistance and support levels. One way – using a trend line, which determines the level of support and resistance. More »

Types of graphs

Visual memory, as a rule, most people are always better than linguistic. Visually easier to study or analyze than read a book or remember complicated formulas. For this reason the market all financial instruments More »

Technical analysis and binary options

For successful options trading, despite how you execute a trade on forex, there is a need to conduct technical analysis of the market. It does not matter how you trade. You can use options, More »


Trading Strategy – Crossing the middle of moving

Crossing the middle

Strategy crossing moving is very simple, but, despite this, it gives excellent results in the commission of options trading. Nothing surprising in this. Very often the most simple strategies bring the best results. Besides utility, when the strategy is simple, then it will

Strategy trade hedging – Collar

Trade hedging

Hedging strategy Collard ideally be suitable for trading with options One Touch. These options allow you to get a salary of one hundred and fifty to three hundred and eighty percent. This strategy is also called a strategy that averages gains and

Strategy trade – Parallel Channels

Strategy trade

One with the most common methods of technical analysis using graphs are parallel channels. Through these channels, the trader can earn excellent, despite the fact the condition of the market will be.

Binary Options as an investment


More recently become popular binary options. They came to the fore on the trade market. They were included in the roster exchange in Chicago in 2008. They are called digital options. Trade them before could only commercial banks or investors (corporate). And they could not