Basics trade – Trendlines

Essentially e t a little ways to determine the resistance and support levels. One way – using a trend line, which determines the level of support and resistance. More »

Types of graphs

Visual memory, as a rule, most people are always better than linguistic. Visually easier to study or analyze than read a book or remember complicated formulas. For this reason the market all financial instruments More »

Technical analysis and binary options

For successful options trading, despite how you execute a trade on forex, there is a need to conduct technical analysis of the market. It does not matter how you trade. You can use options, More »


Binary options – the new reality of exchange


Reality exchange trading indicates that both beginners and professional players in the financial markets are increasingly paying attention to alternative forms of stock exchange trading. That is why, after the occurrence of such stock exchange of the product, as binary

Where are the binary options trading strategies?


Where are the binary options trading strategies? Here you go. You probably already no stranger once appeared the issue or the topic you are interested in. In this article, we will try to give a detailed answer to this question.

The financial regulator CySEC


Considering that binary options are one of the youngest in the world of financial instruments, the investor there are concerns about the integrity of brokers binary options. Some brokers binary options expressed about having a license CySEC. We will tell

Martingale on binary options


“Martingale”, “Martin”, “doubling”, sometimes through ignorance and “average” … as soon not call this method of doing their shopping, “management”. Where it originated, by and large it does not matter. But why martingale on binary options so excites the minds