Basics trade – Trendlines

Essentially e t a little ways to determine the resistance and support levels. One way – using a trend line, which determines the level of support and resistance. More »

Types of graphs

Visual memory, as a rule, most people are always better than linguistic. Visually easier to study or analyze than read a book or remember complicated formulas. For this reason the market all financial instruments More »

Technical analysis and binary options

For successful options trading, despite how you execute a trade on forex, there is a need to conduct technical analysis of the market. It does not matter how you trade. You can use options, More »


Option Dollar


The US dollar is becoming increasingly global and popular currency. Over the last year the national currency of the United States relative to other major currencies competitors added to the cost of about 60%. A US Federal Reserve until the

Binary Options


Simple prediction Binary options – at present time is one of the most popular tools for stock trading. At its core – it’s kind of the exchange contract, the terms of which are significant decline or growth of financial assets

The best time to trade binary options


Binary options allow people from around the world to carry out trading activities through the Internet, and many traders who trade on a daily basis, have become accustomed to profiting from the comfort of home.

Binary options for beginners


Binary options for beginners – how to approach them? Only by becoming a popular method of working with the financial market in our country, binary options immediately joined the collection of absurd myths that dissolve in love with network users.In