Binary options better than Forex?

Binary options

Increases gradually increase traders involved in trade binary options. They start trading newcomers on the market currencies, equities and other financial instruments as well and more experienced traders who trade on forex currency pairs.

 What is the secret of such unprecedented popularity of options and they are better than trading in the forex?

Here, everything is clear – to trade binary options is much easier than even currency peers, as well as Forex. Besides the fact that bin.Options themselves easier, that enable users to earnings in the amount of 70% of each transaction. Put everything on the shelves.

Such simplicity of binary options is that here you do not need to study the literature, cramming many terms, develop constant calculations taking into account the margin, the most greatest drawdown download deposit, calculate the probability of risk. Set stop-loss, watch transact in any case, at the right time to throw the deal in a stop-loss. Not necessarily learn everything you can just learn what the trend, those familiar with the basics. analysis, the levels of support and resistance lines. If you understand and predict a further rise in prices and make their choice “call” for “put”.

That’s why you do not sit and drive the transaction from the beginning to the bitter end, but simply klatsnul a button and expect to close the option. Not important price hikes, and do not depend on the pip, which took the price. When the Forex market your income is directly dependent on the pips, then here it is not so important, the price rose or not, you will definitely get 70% of their profits. This is a very significant advantage in trade, and many traders working on Forex, switched to binary options.

Simplicity and functionality binary options give the opportunity to earn not bad money, but to study a problem should arise, this can all understand, even those who did not have a clue on how and what to earn on the forex market, or any other . And already it gives a 50% chance of success! But if you learn the basics of most trading, follow all the news and choose the tools that you like, then it is about 99% success rate!

Do not delay the study of binary options for tomorrow. Learn now and start earning. You will realize that it’s easier than it sounds!

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