Binary options – the new reality of exchange


Reality exchange trading indicates that both beginners and professional players in the financial markets are increasingly paying attention to alternative forms of stock exchange trading. That is why, after the occurrence of such stock exchange of the product, as binary options, its popularity began to grow exponentially, avalanches covering private investors and stock exchanges.

Currently, binary options – this is the most rapidly growing segment of the financial market, which is gradually replacing all other types of financial trading.

Binary Options – undeniable advantages

Why binary options have become so popular? Because binary options trading has forced players to look at trading a completely different perspective – in terms of simplicity and high yield. After the specified exchange product is almost 100% excluded all existing complexity of financial trading. For profits of binary options, it is only necessary to make a correct prediction – which side will move quotes asset for a specified period of time. At the same time profits of binary options get no matter how much the price of the asset items moved. You’ll be in the black, even if at expiration (the expiration of the exchange contract) option price moved in a given direction by at least 1 point.

In terms of profitability, binary options have surpassed all imaginable and unimaginable exchange measurements. With a single transaction became possible to make a profit in the amount of from 70 to 1500% in just 15 minutes!

Based on the above, the binary option – a kind of highly profitable exchange contract, which is for enhancing or reducing the price of an asset for a specified amount of time in the conditions.

That is, if a trader buys a binary option with the condition of raising asset prices and the value of traded instruments at the time of expiry appeared, at least on one point above the level of conclusion of the option transaction, the trader will receive a payment in the amount of 75% – 95% of the transaction amount .


Types of Binary Options

We have considered a type of option, which is called “binary option”. Said exchange contract is also called “digital options», «Digital», «above / below” or “Classic option.” However, as he had not called, the specified option is the most simple and popular. After trading the specified option need only indicate the correct direction.

Option “One touch” or “One -Touch” (often used name – “to touch”) – a more progressive form of the option, under which strikes are added – price levels, which is necessary to touch the price of the asset during the term of the contract.


Option “Border” (often used name – “Range”) – a binary option is to set price levels in the conditions (on both sides of the price), beyond which the price of the asset to be released during the term of the contract.


Option “60 seconds” (often referred to as – “Turbooptsionom”) – the form of the option, which is identical to the classical “binary options”. The difference is only that the expiration of the term of this type of exchange from the contract does not exceed 60-300 seconds.


For all its simplicity, options are the most effective mechanism to profit from the financial markets.Because of its structure, any of these options is based on a rather simple question: which side will continue to move the price of an asset – up or down?

If you specify is the correct direction – your profit!

Typically, POS brokers “completed” four types of binary options. However, there are brokerage companies that offer to their customers a wider choice of binary options, which further expands the opportunities for profit.


What assets can be traded?

Another undeniable advantage of options is that they are applicable to any existing markets assets.Whether it is stocks or commodities or market indexes or currency pairs – binary options is the tool by which the most convenient and profitable to earn on these markets.

Thus, in the arsenal of an investor who trades in binary options, always at hand the most interesting and highly liquid assets, with a fairly predictable price dynamics.


For information about most of the assets that are in the trading terminals of brokers binary options can be found at any online financial orientation. Analytical forecasts, trading recommendations, analysis and review of asset markets – this information is always at the professional level will help to assess the mood of the market and to accurately determine the direction of the price movement.

As an example – a brokerage company Binomo daily publishes analytical reviews of the most popular asset markets, which quite clearly given the forecast direction of movement of quotations and trading recommendations are given when, what and how to trade. To profit in such cases, traders need only listen to the opinion of professionals.


Where any binary options?

Binary options have come to the private trading with the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 2009.Until that time, said model exchange trading provided only to large corporate clients.

Since the inception of binary options, a lot of traders with a worldwide reputation began to use these stock products, as the most progressive and profitable instruments. However, their intuitive simplicity of binary options made the most popular tools among ordinary people – private clients of brokerage companies in the world will appreciate the unique advantages of the derivatives market.


What is the result? As a result, binary options are:

  • Young progressive model of stock exchange trading, which allows you to make one transaction from 70% to 1500% of the profits spent on trade only a few tens of minutes
  • A huge number of assets that can be traded
  • Unique instruments (different types of binary options), which are suitable for any trading strategy

And all of this is realized in the form of intuitive trading, available for use even by beginners of the financial market.

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