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Simple prediction

Binary options – at present time is one of the most popular tools for stock trading. At its core – it’s kind of the exchange contract, the terms of which are significant decline or growth of financial assets with pre-agreed profit or loss.

The subject of option trading can be any of the existing financial instruments, in particular the action: BMW, Vinci, Disney, ArcelorMittal, Microsoft et al., The currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCAD, USDSGD, EURAUD and others. Indices: FTSE 100, Russell 2000 , AEX, NASDAQ, DAX 30 and headings: GOLD, SILVER, CRUDE OIL, GAS, CORN.

Thus, frequently, no matter how many items will pass the cost of the asset. It is important that she went to the direction you predicted.

Binary options – is it difficult?

Yes, the name of a serious and mysterious, but the entire system of this instrument is simple in the extreme.After all, for profit, the trader need to make a logical choice between two directions of movement of the price – the UP or DOWN (CALL or PUT).

While the pre-set parameters of profit and loss, helping to build the most effective trading tactics and strategies, and to manage their own capital.

How do binary options?

Here is an example: The authoritative German bank Deutsche Bank AG 29.07.2014, stated cut it received during the second quarter of 2014 net profit to 237 million. EUR, while last year it amounted to 334 million. EUR. At the same time, this indicator has not justified forecasts of analysts of international rating agencies, which are predicted in the second quarter earnings growth Deutsche Bank AG to 545mln EUR.

As a result, the opening of trading on the European stock market, the 30.07.2014, the shares of the company were started active sales, which led to a significant drop in their prices.

Track the output of such news, and a deal binary put option to sell shares of Deutsche Bank AG, in the amount of 1000 USD, the trader within 12 hours, would have earned net income of 6000 USD.

The above example shows the best possible way than are actually binary options and how they work. Thus, the term, which can make the investment by said tool may be from 30 seconds to several months.

In the process of buying a binary option brokerage trader upcoming shows profit or loss. If the price goes against us, we will definitely lose money if the predicted direction – we will certainly earn them.

ATTENTION! Trading binary options involves a high level of financial risk. If you are a beginner – or use insured transactions or free demo account.

Time binary options trading

Binary options traders in the lexicon have many names. They are called digital, two-fold, “all or nothing”. At the same time, with all the variety name of the tool, its essence boils down to one thing – this is the simplest tool for trading with the possibility of obtaining a considerable profit with clearly defined losses in a very short period of time.

All you need from us is to understand – whether the price will go up or down will be sent over a “lifetime” deal.Binary option to buy for the term: 30 sec., 1 min, 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., A few hours or a few months, which further simplifies trade. Since we have two unbreakable constant: pre-known profit losses and a predetermined time, during which we will get them.

In view of the above, binary options have become the most profitable exchange tool in the world! Why is that?Because only 30 seconds separated the trader from receipt of profit, which is 80% of the amount invested.Today, this product is highly effective financial market participants uses the major stock and currency areas in the world.

Trading binary options online

Trade in these high-performance instruments, conducted by the online trading platforms. Thus, each trader has at his disposal the trading terminal, where the online charts of financial assets. Assets set and every fraction of a second their quotes change under the influence of supply and demand on the market, the economic news and sentiment of other market participants.

To help everyone, brokerage companies provide economic news on the most highly liquid assets, forecasts, qualitative analysis and technical analysis of the behavior of asset prices in the near future. Thus, the trader has the ability to not just make a decision based on your own intuition and relying on precise data, characterizing and predicting the future behavior of the asset. All trading decisions are made by traders in real time using the binary options online.

A wide range of assets – great opportunities

Binaries (Binary Options) provide an opportunity to trade the most highly liquid assets the global stock, currency and commodity exchanges.

At the disposal of each trader is:

Binary Options Forex – a quotation currency pairs, ranging from majors of the market, to the most exotic (EURUSD – the euro / dollar, NZDUSD – New Zealand dollar / US dollar, USDCHF – US Dollar / Swiss Franc, USDJPY – the US dollar / Japanese yen, CHFSGD – Swiss Franc / Singapore dollar, AUDJPY – Australian dollar / Japanese yen, USDNOK – US dollar / Norwegian Krone and another, more than 50 pairs of the most popular currencies in the world);

binary options stock market (shares) – shares of the most popular companies in the world – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Macdonald’s, Coca-Cola, IBM, BMW, Boeing and more than 80 shares.

Financial assets Mercantile Exchange – gold, silver, platinum, copper, soybeans, soybeans, crude oil, natural gas and more than 70 highly liquid products;

Indices – averaged data of entire sectors of the economy of individual countries: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S & P500, CAC 40 and more than 50 popular tools.

Simple examples

As you can see, the arsenal for trading binary options affects their choice. Before each trader opens infinite prospects to make a profit on any of the possible fluctuation of financial assets behavior, thoughtful approach when more than predictable.

For example, when the total lifting of the US economy index S & P500, which characterizes the state of the 500 best-known high-tech enterprises of America, will also be improved, and the index will grow. Thus, their transactions on the financial asset, we will open with a priority on its increase.

Binary options forex, make it possible to trade currency pairs, consisting of the most popular currencies in the world. When understanding of the situation on the currency market, traders have a greater potential for profit.After all, everything is so simple! Every trader has the ability to keep track of economic news in the world through continuously updated news system. For example, a news outlet for unemployment in the US leads to significant fluctuations in currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD – major currency pairs market, the numerator of which includes the US dollar USD.

The deteriorating situation in the labor market of America gives reason to believe that the strength of the dollar against major competitors NZD, AUD, JPY, CAD, GBP and EUR will be reduced. So it is a guaranteed source of income. The decline of the dollar will lead to significant changes in quotations EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD and other currency pairs, which includes the US currency – USD, and it is up to 85% profit on every invested 100 USD. During the trading day, each trader is more than can really get close to 500% of the income.

Of course, the release of macroeconomic data on the US labor market is not every day, but in addition to this news, there are other, no less important macroeconomic indicators from other countries that come out every day. Thus, every day trader gets greater and greater increase in investment.

The essence of the binary options – high probability of making a profit

It does not matter, it may take a financial asset that we have bought or sold a 10, 20 or 100 points. What matters is which side will be his movement. Even the theory of probability is on the side of the trader. Even tossing a coin, 50% of transactions are profitable, and if applied to the process at least a fraction of the strategy, the profitability of 50% rises to 75 – 85, which can significantly increase their investments, as discussed above.

Binary Options – Trade Strategy

Sale of binary options, with the right approach, can significantly enrich every trader. There are many trading strategies, using which, without exception, every day can get more and more profit to your trading account.

Trading the News (examples of which are shown above), the use of tactics martingale – capital management strategy, the strategy indicator – the application of technical analysis tools, PriceAction – trading tactics on pure graphics – this is only a small fraction of what every trader has in their arsenal. The effectiveness of such approaches is time-tested and has served as an excellent means of enrichment of the many. It will serve for you, because before the execution of his cherished dream only a few steps.

How to choose a binary options “for themselves”?

The first tip for all beginners – use the classic types of options, as they are the least risky and most simple to understand and apply. After getting some experience of using the trading terminal and skills of correct identification of entry points, you can try other options.

However, do not forget about the existence of a demo account. With them, it is best to start experimenting.Since each transaction is invalid (during such undertakings enough of them) – is a negative on your trading deposit.

Most importantly, on what it takes to make a start in the choice of options for their own trade – a search for a profitable trading strategy.

If you are a supporter of high-frequency trading, called scalping – the best, in this case, use the binary options 60 seconds and 120 seconds, or the classic binary options.

If you decide to use arithmetic trading strategies that are based on the Martingale system and similar ways out of the “drawdown” – choose binary options “30 seconds” or “60 seconds”. Just you for these approaches fit the classic options and options Range.

Trading on a clean chart and confess any style other than price action? Then you can select the options Range, as a way to trade within the channel or its breakdown. Indicator in the trade strategy? Then you can help options “on the One of Touch” or «NO of Touch.” However, the advantage always for classic options that are most unified approach to trade binaries.

Quote:Do not forget about the rules of money management, which will help to avoid any subsidence and bring your trading deposit for new covenant levels of profitability.

All the above says only that the opportunity for traders to trade binary options can be simply limitless, and trade in the financial markets can make to the lives of every trader reasonable measure of freedom.

Automated trading options

At present, many brokerage companies offer their traders the services of automated trading, which are able to trade profitably and consistently making money for their owners. The undoubted advantage of this trade lies in the fact that new traders who are not yet able to effectively manage their capital and have not yet fully mastered the principles of trade in the financial market can get your money to work now, until we gain experience and expertise of market trading.

In addition, from a trader is not required to monitor trading robot. “Apparatus” trades, while the owner sleeps, goes to work … that is, ordinary lives measured life and hone his own trade on the demo account. At this time, the trading robot is earning money more and more. However, sometimes you wonder whether you need your personal trade at all if there are automatic mechanisms of trade!?!

Currently, there are many trading advisors for binary options, which can be divided into the following groups:

– Automatic copying trades of successful traders. Such a system is represented by Utrader called U-Bot. In fact, said the robot receives trading signals of other traders trading platforms, constantly make a profit. At the same time, your trading robot is not associated with any one particular platform, and receives signals from all at once and by a certain algorithm filters and selects the best of the best, then, concludes the transaction for them.

Thus, automatic U-bot – the synthesis of a large number of traders have good experience and skills in trading binary options. With the help of U-bot, all the positive experience of other traders will be applied to trade on your deposit.

– Copy of the trader’s transactions selected from the company’s rating. Such a system is offered by Alpari. Thus, each trader is trading in his personal account, it has access to the performance indicators most profitable accounts in the specified company. The right of each client Alpari connect your trading terminal to the service copy all trading orders trader control this lucrative account. In addition, all transactions which are concluded according to a successful trader, you will be duplicated on the account.

– Sale of a profitable trading system. This automatic service, is also present in our time, the development of trade in the financial markets. After all, at that time, while novice traders try to comprehend all of the binary trading craft, others have long used it effectively in the trade. Question? Why pass this way on their own, if it is possible today to begin a lucrative trade with the vast experience and developments of successful traders binary options programmed into an algorithm and integrated into the trading platform.

A list of all brokerage companies offering automated service option trading, you can find here.

Signals for binary options

As mentioned earlier, while young traders are just beginning to comprehend all the subtleties of the binary options market, others for many years used its own in the lucrative trade. So, there was another principle of service binary options trading signals.

Brokerage companies provide such signals to their free traders, taking a fee, offer a top up your deposit to a certain amount. However, in any case, the correct use of these signals, all the investments with more than cover the purchase of these signals and multiply funds on deposit traders.

For example, the company Utrader all customers fund your trading deposit of more than $ 500, free service connects trading signals. Such a minor fee, allows you to receive signals twice a day for 7 financial assets with different maturities expiration. Official statistics data mining trade signals, shows that 71% of open options on them, worked through with a profit. To familiarize with the rating companies that provide their services to traders trading signals, you can here.

Using the information of our online resources, you will always remain no financial crest of the wave. Do not forget – nothing is impossible, especially to trade binary options.

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