Diversity binary optional


The main question that comes from a trader, that he decided to start working on the currency market, how to trade binary options? Many operations are simpler and more understandable proceeding with the title. For newcomers work on forex seems unreal. They fear even the word forex trading.

At first glance, trade binary options seem monotonous. But in real life trading options has a lot of types of financial instruments. If we exclude all was theoretically possible variations of binary options trading in such options is divided into five types.

Trading under the name – or anything or everything. At the time of purchase of such option, it has already defined its value (price). It also determines the exercise price of such kind, and most successfully sold by brokers. Before purchasing a trader decides to trade him as.Play it for a fall or rise. Accordingly, this choice depends, he will make a purchase option “put” option, or buy a “call”. All the rest is easy.If, for example a trader predicted to increase, and at the same time was right, he will make a profit, which is known to him. Profit trader fixed in advance. It can be from one hundred seventy to two hundred percent of the investments. But the trader can go wrong with the prediction. In this case, he will lose investment. To attract customers, some trade exchanges returned from ten to fifteen percent of the losses.

Another type is the same form as an asset or nothing. Rules of the game are the same as what has been said above. The only difference is, as determined by profit. Here it is not fixed in advance, and will be calculated from the value of the asset.

There is another kind – “one touch.” It belongs to a completely different type of option. It is not like the previous two types. Assumed some level of asset value. He also fixed in advance, and the client decides whether the value of the asset to achieve a certain level by a certain time. In other words to the end of the contract. It does not matter what position when it is completed.

Quite the opposite view to the “one-touch” is – «No-touch», or untouchable. In this form, the trader will profit from the fact that the asset value reaches a certain level.

View overlooking Fifth considered “untouchable twice.” This strategy involves two definitions of predefined level of value instead of one level. That is, the cost should reach just two level fixed cost.

The most common strategy is considered «cash or nothing».

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