Binary options for beginners


Binary options for beginners – how to approach them?

Only by becoming a popular method of working with the financial market in our country, binary options immediately joined the collection of absurd myths that dissolve in love with network users.In the style of: Binary options for beginners too complex, it is a scam pure water and so on.

What are the only views are not portrayed on the Internet about this simple, in essence, a very long time-proven tool. It is with these myths we try to understand.

Binary options for beginners too complex

The funny thing is that any line of digital advertising options just exposes the main advantage – simplicity and accessibility tools. After all, by and large, to be able to work with it is only necessary to learn the basics of technical analysis, as opposed to the direct investment in assets. Your task is to get ahead of the direction of movement of the price of the asset in a certain time perspective.That is, you do not even need to analyze the changes in size, you just need to predict the direction.I went up to the price of one item or a couple of hundred – it does not matter, you still made ​​the right prediction, and get their legitimate income. The principle of operation is possible to understand a couple of minutes. Open trading platform with the schedule of the selected asset. Select the time to expiration (when the option to play) and direction (option put or call option call, respectively). All your task is now complete.

Binary options for beginners – it’s a game of roulette

Of course, when you consider that even the name of the financial direction – betting, something from betting at random there is. However, buying options, guided by their intuition or work on a strict strategy based on trading signals and technical analysis – your business. Even playing at random, you have exactly 50% chance of profit. And using tried and tested methods, the figure is much higher figure, is not it? The share of good luck will always be relevant, but to say that it is a determining factor in this niche – absolutely ridiculous.

Binary options for beginners – it is a scam

On the profitability of this method can tell percent profit on each option. The site any broker you will find figures of 70-80%. What kind of disadvantages at all can we talk? Of course, profit of 80%, and the loss in case of failure – 100%. But, you’re not going to buy options at random. With the right approach, the profitability of binary options is not in doubt. Often, even trading on the principle of “be a trend” can already earn. Imagine that an asset increased in price the past 24 hours. What is the probability that betting on improving it in the next hour we will be in the red? It is understood that our chances in this example, is much higher than 50%!

Statement on the account scam generally devoid of common sense. This kind of option has been around for many years and is used around the world. Most brokers and traders who populate Wall Street have long been working with binary options, and very successfully. What kind of scam? On the other hand, binary options for beginners can be dangerous if they chose inexperience dishonest broker. But there’s a problem not in the options, and unfair dealing center. You just need to pick up another.

On this site you can find a list of recommended brokers, traders also read reviews about them, but on this page you can familiarize yourself with some of the strategies and of the Trade!

Good luck, we wish to always be “trending” when trading binary options, even if you are a complete novice!

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