Advantages of binary options


Not yet spread binary options, then trade on the stock exchange with a really big income engaged qualified and experienced financiers.Since they could understand and appreciate all the nuances of the nuances of different economic situations and changes.

That was because the forecasts for the option to consist of several tens of different market indicators and stock prices will greatly depend on various rumors about the company’s management and the transactions that they conduct. With all of this no one can give absolute guarantees to the investor that he could return at least part of their investment is not that a profit.

A binary options are based on very different rules and principles that are considered the benefits to competition.

Profits are fast . There is such a thing as a performance (option). It is a term that specifies in advance and during the current term will be allocated to the underlying asset changes. Basically, binary options are calculated on short-term trading. But the trader may select an option for the long term. For example, the duration of the transaction may be two or three months. However, when the term is large, it is difficult to control. To do this, the trader must be a great experience. Short-term forecast can give almost everyone who is interested in reading the news.

Also has the advantage that the risk is limited . All the conditions are known before the start of trading. And the buyer will be ready to loss and gain in the boundaries of the contracted amount. There are no commissions or additional conditions and obligations.Therefore, these options (binary) belong to the category of transactions – all or nothing. For transactions profits will be about 80 percent.Maybe a little more or less.

Continuous stream of prices . Close position in the bidding trader may at any time when the position reaches the best possible condition.

Short positions or long positions allow for the hedging portfolio. Short term calculated by no more than three hours. So use them at the “sluggish” trends. This usually happens before announce some important news. When you trade long positions will last more than a day. In the case when the closure would be the best, the long positions involve large infusion in the early stages and a very large profit.

Use the same tools as both listed and currency and commodities and indices. The trader has a choice. Very experienced traders work with several tools.

With simple trade when large number of short-term transactions, commissions absorb a large enough portion of the proceeds. When working with binary options Commission – zero .

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