How to sell assets in a novice binary options


Any newly binary options trader, opening an account is given by the question: what do I trade? It is not surprising, because the broker offers an extensive range of sufficient assets to trade. Often, it’s the goods (oil, gold, silver, platinum), stocks (or Futures) of leading companies, and of course it is the currency sector.

In this article we will try to answer the question a novice trader binary options. To do this, briefly evaluate each of the sectors.

◈ Commodity sector ◈

It is a volatile sector, which are traded thousands of traders and funds. Suffice it to include more technical instruments, the price movement which can be predicted on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis. If you compare the assets with currency pairs, it is better to take the beginner is to start these assets, especially gold.


As we see in the screenshot presented in recent days stomost gold skillfully reduced to a guide on the inclined level of support. A break of resistance level occurred at higher volumes. Just like in the textbook on trading =)

Looking schedules specified asset we can watch a lot of cases, when the analysis gave a clear point of entry into the transaction.

Therefore, the asset must be logged in portfolio trader.

◈ Stock Sector ◈

The engine of the economy is precisely this sector, which includes stocks, bonds and other securities.

To trade binary options broker, as a rule, little is available of such assets. Usually it is the world’s leading companies such as APPLE, City Group, Gazprom, etc.

The assets of the sector, in our view, also be subject to priority inclusion in the portfolio of the trader as they trade professionals. A rule like professionals, like technical and fundamental analysis. In addition, optional trade every day such assets. You can find the latest information on the available stock, and set yourself a reminder to trade only on the day of the publication of news, because it is great news moving action in the right direction.

An example is the graph of the stock APPLE after the publication of the report on profits

How not to capitalize on this, if the report was published before the start of trading? How not to capitalize on this if the whole world wants to buy the stock and sell it later when it grandly grow in value? Only lazy people can miss such opportunities.

Definitely, the shares will be included in the portfolio of the novice trader binary options.

And now dessert. Currency.

◈ Currency Sector ◈

The whole world from morning to night to hear the news about exchange rates, reads the news of politics, economics, sees in the news footage from the conflict zones, etc. But everything in this world is tied to the money and the interests of big and tough guys of this world.

Currency attract their availability, and a large selection of what kind of currency trading.

Currency must be accurately perceived by newcomer. Monetary sector has seen a rookie in the last turn.

Let us in this article to rant on the subject of the currency market and its complexities, but give recommendation which currency pairs to keep under control and at what time.

1. GBP / USD – British pound against the US dollar. 

2. USD / JPY – US dollar to the Japanese yen. It is “trend” currency pair. Often it gives good unidirectional movement.

3. USD / CAD – US Dollar Canadian dollar. Suffice great technical couple. 

4. USD / CHF – US dollar against the Swiss franc. Member should pay special attention to this pair as gives a good trend. Do not forget that Switzerland – a world banking center.

For a beginner it is enough that is already listed. Next, you need to follow them, to create trading ideas, and trade well and correct the transaction.

And in conclusion…

Because of the vast amount of assets you have eyes scatter. You should not play with good fortune.Identify yourself clear list of assets in which you begin to develop and trade them, study them, gradually adding to its portfolio of new assets.

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